American Truck Simulator mods

“Welcome to the United States” – that’s how we may start our article. American Truck Simulator, actually, is incredibly similar to Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods, which nowadays is extremely popular. The main difference, which is kinda noticeable between these two concepts, that American Truck Simulator is based on United States maps and Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Europe.

American Truck Simulator modsAs you may understand, even as the name of the game says, you will have a truck driver role. Your main mission is to deliver various content shipments from one destination to another in extremely short time. The thing I love about it, that in time the game offers a promotion – at first you will begin your career as a truck driver, but later you may become a business company’s owner as well.

However, the essence of our article was not to present the conception of the game – let’s talk about American Truck Simulator mods and compare its main ups and downs. So, first of all, I would like to begin with saying that a lot of gamers sort whole modifications to few categories – they “extract” these ones: visual and atmosphere changing modifications as the most important ones. The thing I admire is that modifications allow people to create the game in their desired way and fully uniquely. What I am trying to say is that by using specific modifications, every player has a chance to choose desired color of the truck, its saloon, trailers and so on. No matter that, every player has an opportunity to install wished atmosphere changing modifications, as example, unique sound system, which makes the game even more attractive. However, I cannot say that American Truck Simulator mods only produce the ups of the game. The thing I hate about modifications is that they simply destroy the base of the game, the main concept and idea. As in every part of the life there are unique, original aspects, there will also be and the copy ones, so for people, who are truly admiring only “real” sides, I am sure they will hate everything about changed conception.

To sum up, I still believe that ups outweigh the minuses easily. However, everyone of us should decide, either we want to use American Truck Simulator mods or not.

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